About Us

We Are Specialty Coffee Experts

We understand what it takes to make real specialty coffee. It’s not about using fancy equipment or sticking sophisticated labels. While we have both, we have something more valuable—a special relationship with coffee.

Yana, owner of Kava espresso and brew bar Amman Jordan

Our Story

It all started when our founder Yana Nikolayeva was looking for a proper cup of coffee to drink in Amman. She was pretty disappointed that she couldn’t find the rich and aromatic, speciality coffee she was used to drinking back in her hometown Kharkiv in Ukraine.

A wise person once said: “if you catch yourself complaining about something for too long, either do something about it or let it go.” So I took their advice and started roasting the coffee I want to drink...the rest is history.

Inspired by European coffee culture and her desire to savor a cup of coffee that tastes like home, Yana decided to take matters into her own hands. She went back to train as a barista in Ukraine and took coffee roasting courses under the supervision of European roastmasters.

Then in 2015, when she was finally ready to start a coffee revolution in Amman, she opened Kava Espresso & Brew Bar – one of the first specialty coffee venues in town. Yana developed a better understanding of her customers’ taste and preferences through the brew bar and started roasting her own coffee in Jordan in 2016. In her words, Yana wants to “change the coffee culture in Amman, one cup at a time”.

Our Philosophy

It’s simple but sincere…

We do It Because We Love It

We've built our business around sharing our love for great quality coffee. We believe that how we make our coffee is a reflection of how we do everything else. And so in everything we do, we honor our values and those who are a part of this love story with us.

We Don’t Compromise On Quality

Neither should you. We source our beans from top-notch specialty coffee hunters (Mercanta) and use seasonal organic beans only. In other words, no ordinary bean can make its way into our specialty coffee blends and single origins.

We Roast With Respect

We respect each single roast by understanding its origin, roasting it at the right degree and in small batches—following premium artisan standards to bring out the inherent quality and flavors. The proof is in the cup.

We Value Our Community

Yes, that’s you—our customers, family, and friends. You’re our favorite and most valued coffee tasters and cuppers—you deserve proper specialty coffee and we’re on a mission to awaken your taste buds to taste quality.

We Embrace Mindfulness

We live in the moment and celebrate the process. We believe that every moment matters—every coffee tamp, every milk swirl and every coffee sip.

We Love To Innovate

We’re not afraid to take risks and try different combinations. Whether it’s mixing new espresso blends or adding pumpkin seeds to our cappuccinos, we dare to be bold and different.

We Make The Experience Matter

Everything we do revolves around creating an authentic customer experience. Whether you’re enjoying a cup at our coffee bar or preparing one from home, we want your experience to be delightfully memorable.

We’re truly grateful to share our passion for exceptional coffee with you. We’re excited for the journey ahead.

With love, Kava Roasters